Making games is no child’s play! It takes time to develop, hire a good team of professional consisting of developers, illustrators, modellers, animators, composers and much, much more! See the game credits of a great game like Skyrim, for instance. Even a small indie game have at least a developer and an artist.

The software licenses and tools for the engine are also very expensive to buy. You can check here and fall back from your chair.

The great shelf games that reaches millions of people like GTA V also have great return, but it takes lots of investment and time until the final product is ready.

If you are an independent game developer like me, you must know this feeling of of months of investment without seeing a single penny and only the hope of seeing your game reaching the minds and hearts of “hungry” gamers.

If you share my dream of making great games and want to contribute, please donate for this cause. If you want to help me not with money, but with some of your art, model or script work, contact me so we can talk about it!

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